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Submersible Mesh Panels

Case study: Panels for submersible units

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Strong protective panels for submersible units working in the North Sea.

Requirement: Light material but as strong as steel
Size: 1 x 1.5m
Material: Works in deep sea conditions
Location: Durham, England

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Strong as steel, light as a feather

In the oil industry, being able to shed just a few pounds in weight can ultimately save you thousands of pounds in cash.

But how do you make something that has the strength of steel but is much lighter? That’s the problem our client had been mulling over for a while before they contacted us.

They were using steel mesh panels on their submersible unit. This was perfect for the strength needed in the demanding underwater conditions in which it was being used. But the weight of the steel was restricting the amount of time it could spend beneath the surface.

More time underwater would mean more efficient work and bigger profits.

We sent across samples of our range of PVC meshes for the client to test, but none of them could quite match up to the steel.

In-house testing

So, we set about scouring our international network of industrial textile suppliers until we found the mesh we felt would do the job. We put it through its paces in our in-house testing lab to see just how much the mesh could take before tearing and we were impressed with the results.

We sent another sample to the client and their testing confirmed that this was the textile to replace the steel.

The mesh panels are now in action: built into a sturdy but lightweight structure that is saving time and money for our client.

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